She seeketh wool and flax and worketh willingly with her hands. --Proverbs 31:13


Chad and I had to catch the sheep on Tuesday so we could measure them for new sheep coats. I have been wanting to take a peek under those coats for quite a while, just to see what was going on under there. People who keep sheep for their wool use sheep coats to keep dirt and debris (burrs, hat, twigs, leaves, poop) out of the sheeps wool. Not having to deal with all that stuff makes it easier to process the wool once the sheep is sheared in the spring.

Once we had caught Tootles and measured his coat so we could get the next biggest size up, we pulled the coat back a little to reveal what lay under neath. To say I was happy with the results is an understatement. These sheep were sheared last Febuary, and their coats were awful, full of burrs and just really hard to clean. Tootles coat now is really clean, long, and pretty.

Ivy's coat was just as nice, I can't wait to shear next spring.

We made a trip to the emergency room Tuesday night. The kids were outside playing, Chad was swinging a stick, and Reagan stepped up behind him and he caught her in the eye. At first it seemed like there was no damage besides a small scratch on her eyelid, but as the evening wore on, she kept complaining about pain, so we decided to take her in. We went to the hospital Sean is working at, and were seen fairly quickly. They put some drops in her eye and then looked in her eye with a black light. She had a fairly large cut across the middle of her eye, right over the iris and pupil. I could see it from across the room. It's amazing how all the worst case scenarios can instantly flit across your mind. After a trip to the eye doctor yesterday morning, we are on the look out for a couple of things. We know what to watch out for, and are giving her the right medicines. We are also praying, because it's the most important thing we can do at this point. Really, we are so blessed it wasn't much worse, the opthamologist was surprised the stick didn't go right through her eye.

(Update: Well, it's Friday morning, and Reagan's eye is already better. Not as red, doesn't hurt as much, she can open it more. We still have at least a months worth of treatment to go through, but she's much better today.)

If you haven't been able to post a comment to my blog, it's because I switched to the Blogger Beta. I didn't see on there before I switched that I was not going to be able to get comments except for others who are also in the blogger beta. So that sucks. I hope that they get that feature working soon, I miss hearing from you! I'm putting up an email link, if you feel you have something to say


Jill said...

Jan, I updated to Beta, too. So I'm still here and able to comment. I also got the bot-a-blog feature so when you update it sends me an email notifying me. (As if I didn't check your blog every day anyway!)

Jill said...

Oh, yes, and I'm praying for Regan, too. Her angels must be working overtime!

lori said...

Jan I love all the baby projects. They are so cute and inspire me to try again with the knitting. Reagan is in our prayers. Hope she continues to improve. I love her hair cut. They are growing up too quickly! Miss ya ~ Lori

Lori said...

BTW do you have any pictures of you catching the sheep? I am sure those are just as interesting =)

Laura said...

No problems commenting!!

Poor little girl - we're praying for comfort and healing and quick reflexes to deflect oncoming sticks!! :)

Look at that WOOL!!!!!! OHH how nice. :)

Wool Winder said...

So scary about Reagan's eye. I'm glad it's improving already and pray that there will be no permanent damage.

The wool looks great. The sheep coats really worked. I suppose the sheep don't notice them after a while.

Shelley said...

I'm not having any problems far as I know I don't have Blogger Beta. I did get a little pop up box that said some items were not secure, but it is still letting me comment.