She seeketh wool and flax and worketh willingly with her hands. --Proverbs 31:13


Despite my initial misgivings, Sean and the kids were ready to put up the Christmas tree. So on our way back from town yesterday, we stopped at the Christmas Tree Farm and picked out our tree. It is a different variety than we usually get, it is called and Ice Blue Crystal Sapphire. I guess that is what inspired us to buy the blue themed Christmas ornaments, something else we don't usually do. We don't usually have a theme, But other than the three angels, the angel tree topper and the heart ornament that Sean and I bought for our first Christmas tree, we bought all new ornaments. Not a lot of them, only about $25 worth.

I put on the tensil and wired blue sparkly stuff, then added long streamers of curly ribbon. That helped a lot in ornament placement, as I could say to the kids, okay, each section of tree gets 1 of these, or 3 of these other things.

The kids helped me load the tree with ornaments, although I always get to put the angels on. The angels had been missing from action the last 4 years, but Sean found them yesterday when he cleaned out the closet, so they are back! Yeah!! It was Reagan's turn to put the angel on the top of the tree.

Well, the tree is decorated, we had a wonderful time, we are ready for Christmas (sort of), and the kids are in bed. Back to spinning and knitting!  Posted by Picasa


Wool Winder said...

Pretty tree. The best part is that the whole family participated in decorating it. That's how we do it here.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your lovely comment on my site. It truly blessed me. I really felt impressed by the Lord to put that story up there, but I thought "oh who would care to read this old story?" I'm glad I was obedient.

Your tree is beautiful. I love blue - your trees reminds of me of crisp, clean, snowflakes :)

I love your cabled sweater - nice work. May your day be blessed.


Laura said...

Ahh.. pretty pretty tree Jan. I love the blue.

We put up our tree on Friday last week while the children were here and had a fun time with it - fire in the wood stove - first tree at this house, so we had to decide how to arrange things. Had a few panic moments when I couldn't find a box of ornaments - then couldn't find another box of ornaments (by box I mean giant plastic tub!). But everything was located and the panic stopped. Thank goodness. I'm silly about my ornaments. I don't know how you could bear to have your angels MIA and then skip the rest of your usual ornaments all together this year!! :)