She seeketh wool and flax and worketh willingly with her hands. --Proverbs 31:13


We had a busy weekend. We celebrated Sean and Reagan's birthday with a German Chocolate birthday cake. We missed Sean's driving back from WV, and so Reagan graciously agreed to have German Chocolate on her birthday. What a good girl.

Work continues on the shawl. I am on the 4th ball of yarn. I had 6, so I am about halfway there. I think it is turning out okay. It'll be warm, anyway.

Just a pretty picture I wanted to share.


Laura said...

The cake sure turned out pretty - and the shawl looks like it will be snuggly warm. Is it as thick as it looks? What are those flowers that the butterfly is on? :)

Jan said...

It is pretty thick, Laura. I am knitting it in Lion Brand Fisherman's wool (which I am liking a lot) and it is an Aran weight yarn. I just wanted something to snuggle into this winter. Those flowers are Rose of Sharon. It is a kind of bushy plant, they grow off the branches of the plant, not on stems. Butterflies looooooove them.