She seeketh wool and flax and worketh willingly with her hands. --Proverbs 31:13


The reason it is so hard to blog about my knitting

I mean really, there is nothing exciting about this:

I knit and knit and knit and knit yesterday. And maybe advanced the shawl an inch, maybe an inch and a quarter. Boy, is that discouraging. However, I think I have the answer. I am going to start one of the "have to get this done" projects and work on it an hour every evening, and then work on the shawl the rest of the evening. At least that way, I will be seeing some progress some where, will have something to show on the blog, and maybe I won't feel the urge to nap as much. This shawl has one patterned round, followed by 3 plain rounds. Snoooore. It is so beautiful in the pictures though, I can see the finished project in my head, and it is going to be so nice. I am also going to spin every Monday I think. I just can't seem to abandon the spinning wheel while I am knitting a project. And I would like to have something to enter in the Tulsa State Fair, and they have spinning and knitting catagories.

I linked to a blog that I discovered today called Guilt Free Homeschooling. What a wonderful site. I don't care how committed you are to homeschooling, there are days when things don't go right, or when other peoples doubts suck you in, and your wonder if you are doing the right thing, doing enough, doing it right. This blog has a lot of practical advice and nerve-soothing insight. Anyway, it made me feel better as I sat here at 6:30 this morning, upset because we were supposed to start school today and the printer is out of ink, making it impossible. We will have ink tommorrow, and really, just because we aren't doing what I planned, doesn't mean we aren't learning!

And exciting news!! Ryan lost another tooth! Maybe mundane to us grown-ups, but thrilling in the life of a young boy. He is already back there imagining the bounty he will buy with his tooth fairy money.


Laura said...

*giggle* Tooth fairy bounty. How much do they get from the tooth fairy? Mine get/got $2 these days. Of course when I was little I got $.25 and I thought I was so rich.

I'm having a terrible time keeping from napping during Emeline's naps which is the only time I can really do much knitting during the day! Oh the priorities. ha

Jan said...

You know, He only gets a dolla a tooth, but he thinks he's rich! It's so wonderful to be little!