She seeketh wool and flax and worketh willingly with her hands. --Proverbs 31:13


So close, and yet so far...

This is how much I have done on the shawl. I don't think I am going to get it done in time for this months guild meeting. I tried, but it just isn't going to get done. I only have 24 strands left to go, but it seems like each one takes half an hour to complete. There just isn't much wiggle room left in the strands, and if I take out the shed stick it takes twice as long. So I am done for the day. I will try to finish it tommorrow after the guild meeting. We are doing natural dying tommorrow. I am taking osage orange, which is supposed to give off a green dye. It has been soaking for two days, so hopefully it will be really strong and make a bright dye. I will post pictures of the samples tommorrow evening.

I got an incredible picture of this lizard today. My daughter Reagan found it, and it scampered all over this tree stump while I took it's picture and Ryan tried to catch it. I had the camera right up to it, and it just stared at us. It was too quick for Ryan to catch though.

Reagan and Ryan also saw a snake, which I am glad they did not call me to witness. I really detest snakes. Our little dog Ben got bit twice last Saturday, and swelled up horribly. The vet saw him, since it was an emergency, and said she didn't know what he got bit by, but to watch for necrosis, since it could have been a water moccasin. Said this just as easily as if she had said "It looks like it might rain today, huh?" I nod pleasantly and say, yes I'll watch for it. On the inside, I am screaming,"Water Moccasins!! Water Moccasins!!" Cause when we moved here, I heard all about the copperheads (and saw some). I heard all about the rattlesnakes and, horror of horrors, the pygmy rattlesnakes(they seem to delight in telling me about the venom that is 4X as deadly because it is concentrated, plus you never hear them coming because of the small rattles. Never, though, in all the four years we have been here has a word been said about Water Moccasins(!!) I told Sean that I was just going to have to pray to God to protect the kids as they are out playing, because I can't be there every minute they are out there. Besides, if I actually saw a water moccasin, I might never leave the house again.

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