She seeketh wool and flax and worketh willingly with her hands. --Proverbs 31:13



I got amazingly little done on the triangle loom last night. However, I made a "discovery" last night that should speed things up a lot. I am sure every triangle loom owner out there but me knows about this, but I am going to write about it anyway...

This is the shed stick I made when I was finishing my loom. I bought a thin piece of wood, cut it in half lengthwise and then flattened both ends to a wedge with the sander. I thought it would be used to make patterns in the weaving (which I have read about, but have no idea how to do) Mostly, it just sat around looking pretty. But then I discovered that if I left it in place, then every other row, all I have to do is turn it up on its side, pass the hook through the "shed" made, and then continue as usual. It takes about a second to put in that strand of yarn. I still have to weave the hook in over and under every row on the next row, but that also takes less time because you know the ones the shed stick is holding "up" have to be under the hook and the ones under the shed stick have to be "over"the hook. So tonight, I will probably make much faster progress! I might even get this done in time for show and tell Saturday at the Spinning guild meeting!

This is the hook that I made for weaving. I broke the end off this peice of wood several times before I got it right. I flattened the edge of this to a wedge, then used the drill to place a hole in the middle of the end. Then I used the jigsaw to cut a line from the edge of the stick to the hole. It then had to be sanded using a nail and some thin strips of sand paper. It works really well, but is a little awkward to use until you get a little way into the shawl, so I used an crochet hook on the first few rows, an afghan hook for a while longer, and then moved on to the hook after I had a bit on the loom.

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