She seeketh wool and flax and worketh willingly with her hands. --Proverbs 31:13



On Tuesday, we had company. Said company arrived via the dog, in the first class section right up in front (i.e., her mouth) The bunny was fine, but I really hate it when a baby bunny is discovered. When I and the the brothers and sisters I grew up with were litte we found a huge nest of bunnies our dog had dug up. We thought we were saving them when we took them home, but over the course of the day, they each died, one by one. We were devastated, and I can't look at a wild bunny without thinking about it. I have since learned that if you find a nest of bunnies that you think has been abandoned, leave it alone. The mother bunny only enters the nest two or three thimes a day to nurse them, leaving them alone in order not to draw predators to the nest. Couldn't put this bunny back though, because I didn't know where the dog got it. The bunny was in very good shape, so I put him in a box, made him a little nest to borrow into, and he did well through the night. Sean took him to the Wildlife Center at Greenleaf State Park Wednsday morning, and I am sure he will do better with them than with me, they foster several wild animals every year.

Well, I am having a lot of trouble with blogger. I had a big post about fibery things I am working on, but it won't post. I will have to try again later.


Jill said...

I had the same thing happen to me when I was a kid. My dad brought home a nest of baby bunnies when he ran over the nest with the lawnmower. I got up all hours of the night to take care of them. I tried to feed them warm cow's milk with a medicine dropper. One by one, they turned cold. How sad:(

Josiah bought a bunny about the same size as the one you had at the farmer's market. It lived, but it got loose one day. It didn't run away, though, it just hopped around under the cars all summer. We couldn't catch it. I think it brought it's babies and came back this spring, because we have about 5 of them that hop all over the yard now. One of them hopped right up to me one day, and just looked at me, then hopped on by like he wasn't even scared.

Jan said...

He really was very tiny. He fit in the palm of my hand. I think he will be all right though, he had all his fur and his eyes were open, and he also was pooping on his own, so he should have all the flora he needed in his gut to survive. It was such a relief to wake up Wednsday morning and find him still alive.