She seeketh wool and flax and worketh willingly with her hands. --Proverbs 31:13


Yesterday was Ryan's birthday! He turned the big 1-0. As usual, we were kind of laid back about the birthday thing. I spent most of the day working on the cake, and it wasn't perfect, but Ryan loved it. It says "Hope Your Birthday is Right on Target"
and on the target it says "Happy 10th Birthday Ryan" We had a target theme going on because of what Ryan had asked for for his birthday, repeatedly, for months and months and months...

Now, you don't lightly go out and buy your kid a bow and arrow. However, we went through a bb gun safety course before the boys got bb guns, and Ryan is very safety concious about the bb gun. He follows all the rules exactly. A bow and arrow is a different animal though. So while he is allowed to go out in the front yard (remember, we live waaaaaaay out in the country) and target shoot with his bb gun on his own, he has to have me or his dad out there to use the bow and arrow.

So imagine my surprise when on Ryan's birthday, I got one of the best presents of my life! Jody made me a quilt! It got here in the mail yesterday and I just love it, it is so beautiful. I haven't decided quite yet where to display it, but it has to be out somewhere where people can see it, it's just too pretty to keep it hidden away.

I am so blessed to have Jody not only for my sister and twin, but also as my very best friend. I don't know what I'd do without you Jody, I thank God for you every day!


sarah shamblin said...

hey, anut jan im glad you liked the quilt my mom made fir you!!
Im happy to have her as a very special mom and to have you as a very special anut well bye I hope we get to come down there next year.

Wool Winder said...

Happy birthday to your son! Ten is a big deal and so is getting the one gift you really want. How fun!

The quilt is beautiful! If you don't use it on a bed, I bet it would look good on your "new" couch.

Kelly said...

what an awesome cake! He's one lucky boy!
The quilt is beautiful and will keep you toasty warm in winter!