She seeketh wool and flax and worketh willingly with her hands. --Proverbs 31:13


Showers of Blessings

We have literally had showers of blessings the last week or so. Ever since we planted our garden, it has rained every day or two. Considering the extreme drought we were in, that is the biggest blessing of the last two weeks. I think they said on the news that we had 8 inches of rain this morning alone. The garden is growing well, there are lots of little green sprouts coming up. I can't tell if they are good plants or weeds, so I guess they will have to be let to grow a little longer before I can tell.

Blessing #2, we found out that Dear Son 1 is not losing the hearing in his left ear. He had had a bad ear infection quite some time ago, and had recently been complaining that he couldn't hear. 5 years ago, when we moved out here he had to have that ear drum replaced. He had q-tips in both ears pretending to be an alien. I was going up the stairs to get him and take the q tips away when he fell and punctured his ear drum. So I was nervous that the ear drum was ruptured again. But the Dr. said he had another ear infection, and lots of wax. ear drops and antibiotics seem to be clearing it up.

Blessing #3 for this week, Sean is done with school for the semester. He doesn't have any more classes or clinicals until May 30, and we are pretty sure he made A's in all his classes! I am so glad we are going to get to spend some time with him. This semester has been the toughest so far.

I have been able to keep up with the Clean Heart, Clean home challange, to my own amazement. 3 weeks in and I haven't "forgotten" what I am supposed to be doing. This week was the master bedroom and bathroom. Now, I try to keep my room clean, I try to straighten up about once a week anyway, sincemy knitting and spinning stuff is in there too. And of course I clean the bathroom. But I haven't cleaned out the cabinets and drawers in there since we moved in. Today, they are cleaned out and very very neat. I am amazed at the amount of room I have in there! I found another whole shelf for towels that I didn't know I had!

Alright, that's all for now. I am finally getting the skein winder tommorrow, so I will hopefully have new knitting pictures next week. I can't keep posting pictures of the scarf getting longer, LOL. Thanks for all the kind comments on it by the way. It is as soft as it looks! I'm thinking about buying more of that yarn so I can make a shawl for myself. It is fun to knit, and the drape is just beautiful. I can't wait to see it blocked.


Wool Winder said...

That story about your son and the Q-tips makes me cringe. Glad what he has now is just an infection that will clear up in time.

We once had a friend take care of our garden when we went out of town for a week. He thought he would do us a favor by pulling a few weeds. He stopped halfway through when he realized all the "weeds" he was pulling were growing in a straight line. He had just pulled up a half row of romaine lettuce!

Laura said...

So glad about your garden!! I was just looking out the window this morning thinking "why oh why haven't I gotten my flowers planted already so they could be growing right now instead of waiting until the rain stops?" Oh well. It's okay.

Glad your son will be okay. If it's not one worry it's another, it seems.

I'm getting ready to order a skein winder too! It will really help make my dyeing process go more efficiently!