She seeketh wool and flax and worketh willingly with her hands. --Proverbs 31:13


We took a trip to Tulsa on Saturday, we went to see my friend Jane and pick up a wool picker. She is lending it to me for a little while, so I can see if I actually need one or not. My FIL has offered (i.e. I suggested) to build me one. He's and engineer and a woodworker. I figure he has the skills, he just doesn't leave himself a lot of free time. It might get done, and then again, it might not. I guess we'll wait and see.

After we got done at Jane's, we decided to take the kids to see the new Ice Age movie. So we start driving back into town, but avoiding the interstate, when low and behold, what do we pass? A Yarn Store!! It was called Naturally Needlework and Knitting. And Sean turned around and took me back! I about passed out from excitement, I got to touch stuff I had only read about on the internet and knitting books. Rowan KidSilk Haze, Lorna's Laces, lots of other stuff. It was like meeting the cast of your favorite movie! I would grab a skein of yarn, take it to Sean, say, "What do you think of this" And then show him the price tag. Anyway, I picked out a color of Rowan KidSilk Haze and told him that was what I wanted for my birthday, and then I bought this lovely yarn, Katia Ingenua Print. It has 153 yards in a ball, and I bought three balls. I figure that is enough for a large scarf or something, and the color is just beautiful. Like caramel syrup on ice cream. And that concluded Jan's first visit to a real yarn store.

Spinning continues. I have only got a few balls of roving left to spin and I will be done with all that roving that I dyed for the Fair Isle project. However, I have ordered more dye and more roving, so I expect it will take me until the end of April to be ready to knit the socks. I ordered 8 oz of white shetland, 8 oz of the grey, and 4 oz of Moorit. 4 oz of the grey though, I am going to dye with the dye color cardinal and use for my Aran socks. That is my favorite of all the colors so far, and I think it will make a beautiful pair of socks. I'll probably change my mind about the color of those a hundred times though. Well, I had more stuff to show, but my camera ran out of batteries, so it will have to wait for next time.  Posted by Picasa


kimberly said...

I love my picker. It's been a huge help with all that I have done. Even fine fibers like alpaca. What kind of drum carder do you have?

vanessa said...

love the colors of your handspun :-)

Wool Winder said...

According to my Travel Guide that lists yarn shops across the U.S., there are three other shops in Tulsa. Of course, you spin and dye such beautiful yarn that I bet it's rare that you would need buy any. It's fun to look though.

Laura said...

Wowowowow! Where? Tulsa? I need to see what kind of yarn shops are in OKC since we go through there every month or so. You'd think Wichita might have something decent - NO. Blech. One shop, boring boring boring stuff. NONE of the things you listed!

You spin and dye such beautiful yarn that you can probably spin up whatever you would need but it is SO fun to actually see and feel and touch and smell the stuff you see advertised and talked about on the internet. :)

Shelley said...

There is so much more to spinning than I ever imagined!

Love the colour of the yarn you picked out at the yarn store. I haven't been in a "real" yarn store either...some day though!

The colours you dyed and spun are so beautiful. I bet they will knit up fabulously! Good job!

Holly said...

"like meeting the cast of your favorite movie" Har Har! No doubt! Although I guess only another knitter/spinner could relate :~)
Katia Ingenua is SO nice! I've used it in conjunction with other yarns for shawls.