She seeketh wool and flax and worketh willingly with her hands. --Proverbs 31:13


I am about to toss this sweater back in the trash. I got to the decrease before the last decrease last night. I counted my stitches, to make sure I was really on the increase before the last increase. 129 stitches. Now, you know that's not right. Check the pattern. After the last increase, I am supposed to have...wait for it.....134 Stitches! 134 stitches! What happened. I decide to count the stitches again. 129. And again 129. Well, one more time. 136! Great! Maybe one more time. slump. 129.

I have to figure out what I did wrong. Start at the beginning. I cast on 158 stitches, so lets count that. Nope. Not 158, I cast on 154. SO I was 4 short before I even got started.

I guess what I am going to do at this point is rip the whole thing out... Nope, no way. Not doing that again. One devestating rip out per project is my new rule. Any other catastrophes will have to be dealt with in a less traumatic way. I am going to go ahead, find a place to add one stitch, and knit it to the recommneded length, and then finish it for the size that does end in 130 stitches. It's for my MIL, who is on weight watchers and getting skinnier everyday anyway, and with blocking it should fit her just fine. I have an XL sweater that I wear all the time, and believe me, I do not wear an XL. It will be fine, fine I tell you.

IN other news, those puppies are going to be gigantic. The biggest one weighs 31 pounds and the vet said they are only 12 weeks old. They all continue to worm their ways into our hearts, and it is going to be very hard to pick one to keep. THe little one we have named Sprout, the medium one I call Sheila. Everyone else calls her something different. The big one we call Stache, after Black Stache, one of the bad guys from Peter and the Starcatchers He has little white whisps under his nose and he looks like he has a mustache. Chad wanted to call him Cujo. I said no. "Slash?" asked Chad. Me, No. "Shredder?" He said in a pleading voice. Stache was a relief.

In other kid news, Chad was swinging a big stick in the yard (I bet they were playing swords, but no one will tell me that. No, Chad was just swinging a big stick) and hit Ryan in the face yesterday. Nothing like being jolted out of a semi-pleasant afternoon by the blood-curdling screams of your middle child, covered in blood. He couldn't quit crying, long after we got him cleaned up and assesed the damage, broken glasses, swollen nose, face scraped up and bruised. I had to get a little gruff and tell him to quit, I think at that point he was just hysterical. He's better today though, and I think he is almost proud of all the cuts and scrapes. Kids are weird.


Laura said...

Okay THAT was a shocking way to begin the post! heh Got my attention! I feel that way about my Jaywalker sock right now!!!

The crying, blood, ugh. I know it all too well. As do most mothers. And of course it's a head wound, and they had been playing, blah blah. He would bleed less if his head had been cut OFF. Glad he's recovered and is feeling so proud of his injury. (chuckle)

P.S. I'm about to have to switch to magic loop, like you said. It's just a matter of accumulating enough of the right size of good circs!!

Wool Winder said...

Good plan for the sweater. I think it will work.

Never a dull moment at your house. Glad Ryan is okay. I bet Chad was scared.

Lori said...

Is that your knitting mantra "It will be fine...It will be fine..."

It will work out and be wonderful! I am sure the pattern was "in theory" anyway =)