She seeketh wool and flax and worketh willingly with her hands. --Proverbs 31:13


My mom, my sister and I have been playing a little game. One of them takes a picture of some unknown piece of glass they own, and then we scour the internet, looking for the manufacturer, the name of the pattern, going prices, etc. However, I am way behind in the glass race. I don't own any glass that is remotely interesting. So on the weekends, I have been dragging my family to local antique and consignment shops, looking for an anonymous, unloved piece of glass to call my own. There is only one problem. I invariably walk out with fiber items instead of glass. I enjoy it, but mom and sis really don't share the fiber bug, although they are polite about it. They don't snicker in my face, anyway, LOL. Anyway, this is what I found on my glass hunt this weekend...1940's knitting magazines, amoung a bunch of clipped news articles and a huge bag of knitting needles in a vintage knitting basket. The sweaters are horrible, but the sock , the scarf, the mitten and glove patterns are classic!

Also in the knitting basket, these crochet hooks, obviously vintage if not antique. The top two are bone, the bottom one seems to be ivory. They are tiny. I keep thinking about the tiny antique shoes you see in museums. Previous generations must have had tiny hands as well.

There were lots of other knitting needles in the bag, mostly aluminum, some plastic. That is what I am looking for. I love those old plastic knitting needles, they have perfect points for lace on them. I especially love the old Baleene circulars, but have only one pair. There were some of the older circulars with a metal coil cable between the needles, I haven't tried them yet, but they feel really smooth, you can't even feel the join. I wonder if they are a nightmare with lace yarns? There were lots of other patterns in the bag as well, I need to go through them and sort them out. Most are clipped out of newspapers and magazines, but a few you can tell were ordered from somewhere. I plan on going through them all and putting them in those plastic page protectors in a notebook. They might never get used again, but I keep thinking of all the work "she" put into them, and it makes me sad to think they just got tossed out.

I also hit the Hastings bookstore, looking for the new issue of Spin-Off. I think it is out, but I couldn't find it. I guess if they quit carrying it, I will have to order a subscription. I did pick up an issue of KnitIt of FC Knitting, I can't remember which one. It had some purses in it, and there was one in there that was perfect for my pesky sister in law with weird taste. A wild one that one is, let me tell you, but we are lucky to have her. Well, I better get to bed. There was some other fiber related activities, but blogger is not going to cooperate and let me post those pictures today, so I will post about that tommorrow.

It is finals week for Sean, and then hopefully I will have some time with the old coot. I miss him.


Laura said...

I know how it is to get your husband back when he's been crazy busy. So nice.

How fun with the glass ID contest! My husband and I collect and sell vintage glass as a hobby (he mostly does the selling, I take a lot of photos for him) and we used to do a lot of "what's this?" Over time we've collected quite a few books that help a lot with ID purposes. Lots of fun for us.

And I love the vintage patterns and needles you found - I recently hit a vintage knitting needle jackpot at an estate sale. Lots of cool ones - aluminum and plastic. The plastic (more like bakelite) straights are very brittle and break easily! But the plastic circs are great! The metal circs with coiled cables were pretty yucky - got rid of those - the cables were frayed and rusty.

Wool Winder said...

I love your finds! It so fun to find treasures like that.