She seeketh wool and flax and worketh willingly with her hands. --Proverbs 31:13


I have been getting ready for Thanksgiving, getting all my pots and pans in order, etc. I won't be home for Thanksgiving again this year, we are staying here in OK after having made the trip to WV three times since June. I did bake a lot of bread and some cookies, froze them, sealed them in the Tilia food saver, and then shipped them UPS 2nd day Air to my mom this morning. If she freezes them when they get there, hopefully they will still be good at Thanksgiving. This is the one loaf that wouldn't fit in the box. It is Maple Walnut Bread This recipe calls for cinnamon chips which I didn't have. Next time I will put them in, I think it would be better. We just toasted it and put cinnamon sugar on it though, and it was delicious. I also think it would make great french toast!


Laura said...

Waaaahhh... the link to the bread recipe (I'm assuming that's what it should be) didn't work for me! That sounds sooooo yummy - can you email it to me?? :)

Jan said...

I fixed the bread link,
however, if you still can't get it to work, the address is