She seeketh wool and flax and worketh willingly with her hands. --Proverbs 31:13


Doesn't this little fellow look like someone gave him a paint job? He really has some bright colors. Reagan found him in my bundt pan. Let's not discuss why my bundt pan is outside filled with dirt.

Well, I have ripped out the shetland shawl that I started. After picking up and flubbing the huge amount of stitches that go around the outside of that thing twice, I just didn't have the mental fortitude to try it again. So I re-skeined the yarn from the long blue rectangle, and reset it. Tonight when we got back from the potluck supper at church, I started the Feather and Fan shawl from A Gathering of Lace. That book has some absolutely amazing patterns in it. I figure that I can still implement my differnet textures and colors in the Feather and Fan part of the shawl, and hopefully I will have enough yarn to complete most of it. Since I have no pictures of knitting to share, I am sharing this picture of my neice Emmy, who wouldn't let me hold her much, but looooved my buttercream icing! She would let me kiss her, and would even smile at me as long as her mommy was holding her. Hopefully, I will have made some progress into the shawl so I can post picture tommorrow.


Wool Winder said...

I've heard so many good comments about that book. I really must buy it.

Laura said...

HA! I was relieved when you said the bundt pan was outside filled with dirt instead of in your cupboard!

Enjay said...

five lined skins are really neat, and getting harder to find. that's a young one, as they age they lose their tail coloring.
I just bought a gathering of lace and i agree with your assessment. my list of shawls to spin yarn for has double, at least! lol

Lisa said...

In your bundt pan? I guess the little ones were making mud bundt cakes?

The buttercream looks yummy and she sure is enjoying it!

Jan said...

You know, I tried to be more upset about the bundt pan. But it always stuck when i turned the cakes out, and I needed a new one anyway, this will make me get the new one instead of trying to "deal" with the old one and being frustrated with it.

Thanks for telling me what that Lizard was, enjay. We usually look them up for homeschool, but haven't had the chance to look him up yet.