She seeketh wool and flax and worketh willingly with her hands. --Proverbs 31:13


Charting has begun for Sean's Celtic mittens. I am using an edging from Epsteins Knitting on the Edge for the cuffs, a cable knit longways around the wrist. I then plan to pick up stitches along the top edge and knit the mitten. Surely someone somewhere has done this before, but I can't find any pictures on the net. I have a ways to go before I am ready to start knitting, I have to chart the rest of the mitten body and the thumb.

This is the yarn spun up for the mittens. I think I have plenty. I haven't decided yet which color I am going to use where, The only two colors that I am in danger of running out of is the white and light grey, so I will probably use those in the decorative bit just above the cuff. The darker grey and almost black will be used in the cuff and the body of the mitten. Probably. We'll see. I might not have enough and will have to spin some for the cabled cuff.

And, finally proof the spring has sprun here in OK. The Rose of Sharon tree has the tiniest little leaf buds. I am so so glad. I am ready for some green, and to put in a little veggie garden. It was very cold here yesterday, and made for a very quiet and subdued Easter, but it was lovely all the same. We made it to church, which was the important part. Now it is time to start school with my well-sugared post Easter children. It is going to be an interesting day.

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