She seeketh wool and flax and worketh willingly with her hands. --Proverbs 31:13


Things are looking up..

I made a new spindle last night, from David Reed Smiths site, the Lisard. and begun to spin some more of the black/grey/white fiber that my step mom had given me some time ago. Some parts of it are so matted that I just had to toss them, but I have quite a bit that can still be carded and spun. I am now getting a consistent, fine, single. When plied into 2 ply, I think it is probably going to knit up nicely. I still have a long way to go though before I have enough to knit anything. I spun for a couple of hours last night, and a couple more this morning, and have a total of 22.1 yards of yarn. I had to make a niddy-noddy out of three pencils, 4 erasers and duct tape, but it works. Have to start saving for equipment, lol.

Today, I also washed the fleece that I got from Margie yesterday. It is now spread out in the bathtub in the master bath, where hopefully the kids will leave it alone. It still has quite a bit of trash in it, so I don't know if I should re-wash it or just hope it cards out. I guess I will card a little and see, when it dries. It is a really interesting fleece, it has lots of brown, black, and a few white areas. Should make beautiful yarn. It is much softer than the fiber that I have been spinning with.

We didn't make it to church this morning, Sean woke up with a horrible head ache, and I didn't want to leave him here alone. So the kids and I tried to stay quiet so he could sleep. He is feeling better now though. I am so relieved. I am glad he has tomorrow off so that he can relax a little. He needs the break. I'm praying it is a long, lazy boring day tomorrow, we don't need any more excitement.

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