She seeketh wool and flax and worketh willingly with her hands. --Proverbs 31:13


Spinning loot!

Well, my carders and my niddy-noddy came today. I was so excited to get them, and immediately sat down and carded out a couple of handfuls of fiber. I had been using dog brushes to card, so these are a huge improvement. I think they improved the actual singles as well, less little nubs on the yarn.

With new carders, I had to have somewhere to put them, as well as my spindle. I would hate for the spindle to get broken. So I took all the stuff out of the knitting basket that I haven't been using, and am now using it for the spinning.

I got a little bit of knitting done last night on Reagans' mittens. The first one is about half done. It is really turning out cute, and she is just over joyed that I am making them for her. Still have to get these done, and some for the boys, plus a wool soaker for a good friend of mine that cloth diapers. I can't believe that there are only 4 more months until Christmas. So much that I need to do that probably will not get done.

Sunday is Seans birthday, and my youngest son is getting baptized that day as well. I know that I am going to bawl like a baby. I am really proud of him though. He has such a good heart, and is the funniest little fella. He gives the best hugs too!

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